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Squishy Meat with Papaya - Has a soft texture and lots of seeds, a characteristic that is typical of papaya fruit in addition to its orange color. This fruit is really nice to eat. Moreover, if it is served in fresh and sweet fruit soup, it will definitely be more delicious. Besides being rich in nutrients, papaya also has many great benefits for the body. Not only that, for those of you who like to cook, especially processing various dishes from basic ingredients of meat, papaya fruit you can use.

Not limited to vegetables, it turns out papaya also contains the enzyme papain which is useful for making meat more tender. This enzyme can be found in the fruit sap. If you can't find sap on papaya, you can still use the sap on the leaves. These two sap on the part of the papaya plant are very useful as a meat tenderizer or meat tenderizer.

To use it, spread the papaya leaves first, then use them to wrap the meat to be processed. If you want to use the fruit, mix the pieces of meat with pieces of young papaya. Let stand for one hour until the meat is really tender. If the texture of the meat is tender, please cook it using a recipe that suits your taste.

Indeed, to make meat more tender can only use papaya that is still young. Because in ripe papaya sap is rarely found. If you don't like papaya because of the aroma, you can eliminate it. You do this by mixing lime juice on top of the papaya that you will eat. Besides, the smell will disappear, this papaya will also feel fresher.

Apart from the aroma that is not liked by some people, actually this fruit is rich in vitamins A and C. Research conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, reported that papaya is a fruit with high nutritional content. Papaya, in this case, is ripe papaya fruit. Because young papaya is not so much nutritional content. One of them is effective beta-carotene to ward off free radicals. As for vitamin C, it plays an active role in maintaining fitness to stay healthy and not easily hurt

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