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Good Habits to Support Family Mental Health - Generally, we are very concerned about physical health by always exercising and maintaining nutritional intake, but tend to forget the importance of our mental health. Though there is a close relationship between physical health and mental health where one condition can affect the other conditions. Maintaining mental health becomes very important especially for those of us who live in big cities. Daily busyness, demands for work, congestion, and various other things that we may ignore so far without being felt can make us vulnerable to stress.

Like stress that can be caused by small things in our daily lives, maintaining mental health can also be done through small steps that are positive. Start from the little things that make you happy and start from yourself and then do the following steps to support the mental health of all family members. The following are some of the activities that you can do to maintain the mental health of your mother and family.

Active move

Physical activity or exercise will produce hormones that can make us feel happy. Regular exercise can also improve heart health, help deal with stress and facilitate air flow to the brain. Choose a sport that you really like. If you are not used to exercising before, you can start with light exercises such as walking in the morning or evening. An exercise that involves meditation and focuses on breathing like yoga can also be an option to make us calmer and not stressed.

Eat healthy food

Ma'am, healthy food is not only important for body health but also important for mental health, you know. Good nutrition will help the function of the brain and the work of our body. Not only does eating healthy and delicious food certainly make us feel happy, right? Eating food on time will also make us ready to move and

reduce the risk of stress.

Vitamin D intake like eggs, salmon, and milk is also needed to support our mental health. A study conducted by the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry shows that vitamin D affects a person's cognitive, mood and physical state.

Me time

Doing time or doing activities related to hobbies can help improve your mental health. Take time for yourself and fill in activities that you like. For example to the salon, meet friends, exercise, read books, watch movies or other hobby activities.

Spend time with family

Spending time with your partner, Little One, or other family members can restore your mother's spirit and bring happiness. If possible, go on vacation with family. If you haven't had the time, dedicate time on weekends specifically for the family or provide special time each day to spend with your family. For example, having dinner with family, chatting about the activities of the day before going to bed, or even just reading a book for the little one.

If you start feeling depressed or are facing a problem, talk about the problem or express your feelings to the closest person who can help you not stress. Good communication between family members is also important to maintain the mental health of your family. Don't forget to always make time to listen to what your partner and your little one feel, ma'am.

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