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Exciting Sports When Car Free Day - Burn calories and be a healthier family through these 4 sports ideas.

A day without a vehicle or Car Free Day is already rife and is widely used as a sporting moment with family. At this moment too, we can familiarize ourselves with our spouse and baby while increasing our physical fitness. So, for sports activities to be more fun, what can we do?

The following are 4 exciting activity ideas that can be copied so that the moment of Car Free Day with the family becomes much healthier and more enjoyable:

1. Stroll with your doggy

Compared to just doing the routine of walking or running, as usual, there's nothing wrong with us also inviting the dearest group to join in the excitement of Car Free Day. His enthusiasm when walking in the new area will make our spirit and family more vibrant.

By walking and running faster, it's no wonder if the family has a healthier and stronger heart, blood pressure, and bones. Running and walking activities can also be overwhelmed with smiles and laughter while looking at the cute knickers of pets.

2. Creative Biking

Cycling together is fun. Especially if afterwards, we can get stronger legs, hips, and buttocks. The stomach can be evener because, for one hour, we can burn around 350-600 calories.

To motivate children to be more enthusiastic about pedaling their bicycle pedals, it would not hurt to hold a small competition. For example, who is faster to reach the finish line that has been predetermined by us and the couple will get favorite ice cream. Thus, children will feel motivated to exercise.

 3. Run on the Wheel

Who said this was impossible. What we need is a sheet of inline skate or rollerblade. Both can take us and children across the Car Free Day line faster and more fun. The results of burning calories obtained are not different from when we run or ride a bicycle. It's just that, pay attention to our speed and children when inline skating ria. Don't bother other people who are exercising around.

4. Ball or Frisbee

This sports game will be fun for us and our family. Invite children to jump, run, and throw balls or Frisbee. Teach children to strengthen the muscles of the hands and feet. We can also hold mini soccer competitions with children. Even though it looks trivial, it turns out that this small game can burn enough calories, around 80-137 calories in just 10 minutes.

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