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Excess Calcium in Milk - Calcium is one of the nutrients that the body really needs to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Well, the highest source of calcium is in milk. Dr. Handrawan Nadesul, the contributor to Nestle, said that milk is not just a liquid intake but is the most complete source of nutrition needed by the body.
The body consisting of bones requires lifelong calcium to maintain its health. In addition, muscle and heart work also requires calcium to work optimally. Once the importance of calcium intake in the body makes the body lacking calcium experiencing thinning or threatened porousness.

Thinning bones are at risk of easily broken because the bone mass is less dense. The quality of the bone itself is determined by how dense the bone is formed. Therefore, calcium consumption from an early age is needed to get strong and dense bones to the elderly.

Besides bone, good tooth quality is also determined by how much calcium is formed. It is not enough just to excel the teeth, the lack of calcium will make the teeth formed vulnerable to porosity and damage quickly. Therefore, enough of your daily and family calcium needs to get healthy and strong teeth.

All people of various ages need adequate calcium intake for the body. However, women rated who need calcium are greater because of menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation.

During menstruation, the body will produce new blood from the spine. Well, calcium plays a role in producing these new blood needs. Then, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, enough calcium is needed to provide calcium benefits to children who are being conceived or who are breastfeeding. That is why women are more prone to osteoporosis.

To avoid a lack of calcium in old age, it is certainly better to get used to drinking milk as early as possible. Hopefully useful

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