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Eliminate Pain Through Massage - Dense daily schedules sometimes force yourself to work seriously. In fact, so hard some people forget that they also need adequate intake and rest. If it often drags on, the body will usually experience muscle aches and aches. Therefore, once in a while you need to make the body more relaxed so that it can continue to work optimally. One that you can apply is a message.

Massage functions to promote blood circulation and make the muscles of the body become more relaxed. The type of massage you can choose from is relaxation. Usually, the massage process is done by presenting aromatherapy. Not only that, but some relaxation also uses several body oils, such as nutmeg oil and lemongrass which have the ability to provide freshness both during the massage and afterward.

This relaxation has many benefits for the body. While making the body fresh again, relaxation also helps remove metabolic remnants from the body. It can also destroy fat stacks and improve skin regeneration. By doing the process of relaxing the skin becomes cleaner and dead skin cells become easier to lift. This was stated by Mien Rogi, CIDESCO International Diploma who at the same time became Martha Tilaar Spa's Program and Development Treatment Advisor.

However, not all pain can be treated with massage. Because pain has many kinds in the body. Call it, pain that occurs due to toothache, indigestion, and shortness of breath. There is also pain caused by rheumatism, fever, and folds of joints. These aches cannot be eliminated directly by the massage process. But, special care and intensive treatment are needed in order to recover completely.

In conclusion, massage or relaxation will only help deal with minor pain caused by excessive pain or tiredness. If this relaxation is well-known among adults, then what can also be applied to children? Mien Rogi, answer okay. In fact, if necessary since childhood, children are introduced to massage. This will help promote blood circulation and the formation of organ functions more smoothly.

Even so, it should be noted also which parts may be massaged gently or hard so that the child stays comfortable during the massage.

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