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Check out the Strawberry Yogurt Nutrition Label - Who doesn't like yogurt? This one food is indeed quite delicious and suitable for use as a healthy snack choice. Along with its development, yogurt can now be easier to obtain. Not even just the original taste. Some yogurt variants have included a variety of delicious fruit flavors. One of them is delicious and delicious strawberry yogurt. With practical packaging, you can enjoy yogurt faster.

Apart from its tempting delights, strawberry yogurt also has high nutrition. More complete, you can see from the description of the Food and Drug Administration, United States of America, following.


The first is, of course, the calories in strawberry yogurt. As a fairly heavy snack, yogurt also has fairly high calories. In one package, you can find 120 calories. Ten calories in it are donated from fat.

Total fat

Next, you can also find fat in this strawberry yogurt. Luckily, the fat contained is not too much, only about 1.5 grams with a composition of saturated fat as much as 1 gram. Strawberry yogurt is generally free of trans fat which is not healthy for the body.

Cholesterol and sodium

For cholesterol content in this snack is 5 mg. Not too high indeed, but strawberry yogurt donates 125 mg of sodium. This number is quite high for an existing snack in general.


As for the carbohydrate content in strawberry yogurt is as much as 21 grams. Of this amount, strawberry yogurt has a fiber content of 1 gram. Unfortunately, this food has fairly high sugar content. In one package, strawberry yogurt can contribute 21 calories of sugar.


Because it is made from foods that are high in protein, namely milk, strawberry yogurt also has a fairly high protein content. In just one cup of packaging, this food can donate as much as 6 grams of protein. So, it is good enough to meet the protein requirements in the body.

Vitamins and minerals

The addition of strawberries in this food makes a little strawberry yogurt has vitamin content in it. These foods can contribute to vitamin A as much as 2 percent of total calories. In addition, this delicious snack also contains calcium as much as 25 percent of the total calories in it.

Wow, isn't it complete? What are you waiting for, let's immediately enjoy this strawberry yogurt?

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