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3 Easy Steps to Serve a Balanced Nutritious Breakfast - Mother must have understood that breakfast is important. However, maybe some of you don't know the importance of breakfast. Breakfast can provide carbohydrates (glucose) that are ready to be used to increase blood sugar levels, so that enthusiasm and activities such as learning, working, playing, walking can be done optimally. In addition, breakfast is important to replenish an empty stomach after a night of sleep, and contribute nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and contribute energy by 20%.

Skipping breakfast makes the brain lack glucose and causes the body to become weak (drowsy) and lack concentration. Skipping breakfast can even reduce your child's performance at school.

The breakfast menu commonly consumed in Indonesia varies from fried rice, nasi uduk, to chicken porridge. Currently, breakfast with cereal plus milk is also increasingly preferred by the public. One good breakfast menu that is consumed is whole grains cereals or whole grain cereals because many contain grains (seeds). Whole grains contain lots of fiber, B vitamins, iron, and antioxidants. Eating whole grains for breakfast is beneficial because the nutritional content is still intact. Various degenerative diseases that can be prevented by consuming them include high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and a healthy digestive tract. In addition, whole-grain cereal breakfast is also more efficient in terms of preparation time.

Breakfast is important for little ones who have solid physical activity at school and for parents who work with a lot of mind and energy. If the mother and husband always give examples of discipline to eat breakfast, then your child will imitate it. So, breakfast will be part of a daily diet that contributes a lot of nutrition to support health.

Then, what is the condition of Indonesian children's breakfast? As many as 25% of Indonesian children eat only with drinks (milk, tea, or water), 25% breakfast only with carbohydrates (rice with rice noodles, or rice noodles with fried foods, etc.), and 35% breakfast by eating rice and side dishes only ( without vegetables / fruit). This shows that the pattern of Indonesian children's breakfast has not been optimal to support activities and health.

So, let's see, pay attention to 3 important points in serving breakfast and daily meals for families at home:

  • Arrange portions to ensure enough food intake (not excessive and not less) to support daily activities.
  • Read food packaging labels to pay attention to the nutritional content and way of serving so that you get the maximum benefits of the product.
  • Sufficient nutritional intake according to body needs by consuming various types of food.

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